Contribute to the NEIAI

The NEIAI is the "Cornhusker Division" of the International Association for Identification (IAI). We are a group of forensic science professionals and criminal investigators brought together for the sole purpose of improving the field. The IAI sets high standards of integrity and competency for investigators. An IAI Certified forensic scientist is a committed and conscientious member of the criminal justice process - by definition. That commitment requires a significant investment in research and training. Not all Nebraska communities can afford these costs, but the need remains. It is the mission of the NEIAI to assist in the creation of as many of these highly trained individuals as possible. NEIAI has applied for not-for-profit status and is group dependent upon members dues and charitable contributions. Your contribution will help us better afford justice for all Nebraska citizens. Please demonstrate your appreciation of forensic services in your community and become a contributor to the NEIAI.

Send any correspondence/contributions to:

PO Box 22060
Lincoln, NE 68542

If you'd like to contribute online through PayPal, please click on the button below.